Mantra | Movement | Music | Meditation

Edo & Jo’s Bhakti Flow is an invitation to revitalize the body, calm the mind, soften the heart and deepen the divine connection within. The workshop is designed as a journey of fluid movement, meditation and relaxation to live music and mantra. Bhakti Flow is a yoga practice derived from Nada Yoga (in Sanskrit),  the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone.

Bhakti Flow pairs a series of yoga poses (suitable for all levels) with mantras to prepare the body and mind for a deep meditative experience. You will learn how to use your voice as a healing tool through a profound yet simple guided chakra meditation practice that can be incorporated into daily life. The sound vibrations of your own voice tunes the chakras in a way that promotes internal awareness, a calming of the mind and a reduction in stress. Edo and Jo were initiated into this Vedic practice in India by their Guru, living saint and master of yoga Sri Sakthi Amma. This workshop will give you tools and practices to help you stay centered and at peace through the myriad currents of life.

Edo and Jo conduct Bhakti Flow workshop internationally and are part of the Sacred Arts Team at the award-winning sacred arts resort, Fivelements in Bali facilitating Bhakti Flow sessions. For workshop bookings email at