We have been offering mantra, bhakti yoga and voice workshops at teacher trainings since 2008. Our training involvement ranges from one-off kirtan and sound yoga sessions to bi-weekly workshops teaching about mantra, bhakti yoga and the power of sound/voice for Level 1 and 2 courses.

The component we offer focuses on mantras, chakra system, bhakti, guided relaxations, voice and expression. We teach the practitioners how to incorporate these elements into their yoga classes, and deepen the practice of yoga through sound, voice, breath and devotion.

Students often remark that some of their most powerful and joyous experiences happened during these Bhakti sessions. Combining kirtan and sound meditation with all the other aspects of a yoga teacher training plays a unique role in a training. It creates a beautiful opportunity for emotional release, divine connection, group bonding and an expanded view of yoga. It also helps students process and assimilate the information gathered throughout the training.

We are part of the faculty for:

  • Yoga Arts teacher training in India and Bali;
  • Inyoga teacher training, Australia;
  • Yogacoach teacher training in Bali and Australia,
  • Yoga Energetics (Cat Kabira).
  • Santosha with Sunny Richards in Bali.
  • Past programs in Bali also include Radiantly Alive (Daniel Aaron).