Dear Friends

Thank you for joining the circle of giving and making our event so special and uplifting. We raised over 20K for A SOUND LIFE charity!!! This means more and more music and yoga can be provided to people in healthcare and underprivileged communities as a free service.
Our deep gratitude to the incredible A SOUND LIFE team who give so generously of their time, talents and hearts to create wonderful projects and uplift the lives of many!

Thank you to all of you who contributed to make Wednesday night such a special evening. To all the wonderful volunteers, musicians, yoga school partners, supporters, sound and lighting providers, staging designers, filters & photographers, vendors, delicious food, drinks and goodness providers...

We Love You!

Edo & Jo

Our Yoga Partners


About A Sound Life

A Sound Life is the charity Edo and Jo recently founded to bring the power of yoga and music to those who need it most in healthcare and underprivileged communities as a free service.
ASL is a volunteer run charity. We have an awesome team who are committed to service and the joy of being part of the circle of giving.  Want to learn more?



  • SoundHealth: Bringing free music and yoga to the children at Sydney's Westmead Children's Hospital
  • SoundSchool: Creating a SoundSchool for orphans in Africa in collaboration with Kili Kids ( + Second year tuition at our Sound School for underprivelged children in North Bali
  • SoundWaves: Producing A Sound Earth CD,  an educational and uplifting children's album
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