Before beloved Jo Vaani passed away in September 2015, Edo & Jo had commenced recording a new mantra album (Thank You) and another collection of their English songs. Edo has been working on finishing these albums and the final mantra album will be released on June 15 with an album launch in Sydney at the Sound Life Dome. The album will be available in digital form only as a download through this site and on all streaming platforms. Stay tuned for some new chants to soothe your heart and ignite your spirit.

“I never could have imagined when Jo began experiencing stomach pains that she had stage 4 stomach cancer and would leave this world shortly after. Her courage and peace in facing her death were an inspiration to me and many. She left this world like a Buddha - sprinkling golden rays of light. After her passing I went on a pilgrimage to India to spread her ashes in the Ganges and to our spiritual home in South India, Narayani Peedam. I focused my energies on growing A Sound Life (ASL) and realising our join-dream of launching the Sound Life Dome. A year and half later I was travelling from the launch of an ASL Tanzania program to India thinking to myself After all this pain and loss why would I enter another relationship and open to the pain of loss again? I’m not destined for family life. I’ll just follow the solo path…

Fast forward a few weeks and Emily Bodhi shows up in India with her two little angels at Narayani Peedam. A long and cosmic story, but suffice to say this incredible woman blew my heart open to love again and deep soul union. She brought me an “instagram” with my two beautiful step-children and is the incredible mother of our precious baby daughter. Through her vision we have set up a slice of ahimsa paradise on our Bodhi Glow Farm Sanctuary dedicated to saving animals from abuse and slaughter, environmental preservation and conscious living. Life is a series of waves of gain and loss, loss and gain. We can’t stop the waves…but we can learn to surf!

I look forward to sharing with you all the new Edo & Jo music, Jo’s solo Vaani project as well as the new solo music I’m working on”

- Edo

JO_tribute final.jpg