New release + launch of Jo's solo project called VAANI.

“The First Ray (SOLON Remix)” is the debut release for Jo Mall Kahn (a.k.a VAANI) as a solo artist. As one half of Edo & Jo, Jo has been recording and performing music since 2008.

The remix of “The First Ray” came about when she played a rough mix to Matt Singmin (a.k.a SOLON). Matt as the DJ behind the Future Sound of Yoga has been bringing cutting edge electronica to yoga since 2009 and saw the potential to remix the track as a downtempo, electronic ballad drawing on the atmosphere of trip-hop and neo-soul.

“Jo’s vocal performance on this track simply blew me away”, SOLON says. “It was all about stripping things back to allow her voice to float and haunt. I used sparse electronic drums and the minimalist backing of a Fender Rhodes to create space for the emotion and soul of her voice.”

"The song is about surrender", says VAANI. “I wrote it at a point in my life where I was stepping off a cliff into the unknown and coming to terms with the fact that we are not always in control of things. The song is about letting go, letting yourself be carried by the universe, and learning to be ok with that”.

With both artists prominent in the Australian yoga-music scene over the past five years, this track will appeal to yoga and music lovers alike - especially yoga teachers, practitioners and meditators who are on the lookout for new music for classes and for personal practice.

The track is available for download from VAANI website and on all major online music stores including iTunes.