Live studio recording & interview with Geoff Wood, Rhythm Divine, ABC Radio

AIred on 20 August 2014.

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Yoga means many things to many people – exercise, well being and spiritual practice. But it can also include music. And it’s Sacred Sound Yoga that’s at the heart of our program this week as we hear an exclusive live session of new mantra songs from the young Australian singer-songwriters and spiritual seekers, Edo & Jo.

Edo Kahn, a former member of the Australian band Gelbison, is an award-winning songwriter whose songs appear regularly in films, TV and on radio while Jo Mall Kahn, who grew up in Malaysia studying piano and flute, is also a singer and songwriter.

We first met them last year, just back from Tamil Nadu in the south of India where they live part of every year at the temple complex of their spiritual teacher, Sri Narayani Amma. More than a devotional centre, Narayani Peedam is also the place where Edo & Jo study, lead regular kirtan and yoga events and take part in daily pujas or ritual offerings.

Kirtan is mantra-based devotional music drawing on ancient Hindu scriptures like the Upanishads but influenced by the more recent bhakti yoga tradition of ecstatic worship. It’s also a growing musical style in the West where the influence of rock, folk and electronic music, have combined with the lifestyle philosophy of bhakti yoga to create a new mantra-based music or New Kirtan.

But you know I really don’t like labels. Let the music speak for itself. Edo and Jo have a new album of mantra songs just out called Bliss and they came into our studio 227 this week to lay down a set of live songs from that album, along with a unreleased song just for The Rhythm Divine. On this session engineered by RN's Louis 'The Upsetter' Mitchell, Edo plays a Gibson acoustic guitar with Jo on harmonium, flute, and our Steinway grand piano.

New Music + New Website

We've been working hard behind the scenes to launch our two new albums and our new website! You can now preview + pre-order the cds which will be released out Sat 16 August. Tickets for our Sydney launch is selling fast too so if you intend to come please click here to prebook. We hope to see you there for an nourishing evening of music, mantra and meditation.


Sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra

On Thursday night Edo and Jo shared the stage with Deepak Chopra at The Concious Club 'Into The Unknown' event. Deepak Chopra spoke about the universe,  life's big mysteries and facts such as humans share 65% of the same DNA as a banana! Whilst Edo and Jo delivered the sonic experience to accompany the conscious palette.


ABC Radio National Interview


Presented by Geoff Wood, 17 November 2013

Stories of self-transformation and of lives changed, of a guru avatar and the search for the god within, of music and yoga – they all come together this week as we meet a young Australian duo, Edo & Jo, singer-songwriters and kirtan musicians practising the yoga of music.

Kirtan is mantra-based devotional music drawing on ancient Hindu scriptures like the Upanishads but influenced by the more recent Bhakti tradition of ecstatic worship. It’s also become a growing musical style in the West where the influence of post-rock and electronic music, and the lifestyle philosophy of yoga, have combined to create what’s been called New Kirtan. And right at the heart of this movement are our guests this week.

Edo Kahn is an award-winning songwriter who was in the well-known Australian band Gelbison, while Jo Mall Kahn, who was born in Malaysia, studied classical piano and flute before a career in business management. They both had periods of spiritual turmoil before meeting in Bali at a yoga retreat. For the past six years they’ve toured throughout Australia, India, Bali, Malaysia and Singapore with their own brand of conscious folk-pop songs and kirtan chant music. Part of their Sacred Sound Yoga or Nada Yoga Nidra. Along the way they discovered how to live a larger life of service through their guru, Sri Narayani Amma, whose temple complex in South India, Sri Narayani Peedam, is now their home base for half of every year.

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